Frequently Asked Questions

All of your questions about buyers agents answered. Discover the benefits of using a buyers agent when you’re looking to buy Wanaka property or Queenstown real estate. 

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As buyers agents, we are working 100% for the buyer. They meet our costs and pay a commission at the successful completion of a transaction. We have a fee up front to ensure that we’re working for legitimate, committed buyers and this covers all incidental expenses along the way. Any other expenditure is with the potential buyers consent e.g LIM reports or building inspections.

At Buyers Agents NZ, we do not get ANY payment from the seller – in fact it is actually totally illegal for us to take any payment from the seller. We are not working for the seller at all and therefore do not take any of the commission fee that they pay to their real estate agent. If it is a private sale the seller/ vendor does not pay anyone – they have had NO assistance from any agent and there is no commission paid.

Our buyers agents work closely with all of the real estate agents in Wanaka or Queenstown once we have established your brief. Because we are focussing specifically on your property project we have time to keep this on every real agent’s radar in each firm. We sit down with particular real estate agents with more established, specialised interests and areas, to think outside the square for each of our clients. Real estate agents also often have discreet listings which are not advertised to the public.

We also have discreet sellers – these are owners that have approached us to say that if we had a specific property buyer then they would consider selling. In this case we still work on behalf of the buyer 100% and the seller is aware of this.

We use research tools that we subscribe to as a method of “problem solving” for each buyer that we represent. Strategies implemented may involve door knocking or specifically advertising, if research indicates that a particular approach may be worthwhile.

We ensure that we do not have any clients that would have a conflict of interest with any of the other searches that we have on concurrently. We do not have any more clients on our books at one time than we can give a specific allocated time to each day. We actively review each client’s file on a daily basis.

We have had a great response and have even had a surprising number of local buyers representing both ends of the market on our books.

We have also had approaches from real estate agents in 3 regions other than Wanaka wishing to join our business as they see what a great option that it is for buyers.

Buyers that we have worked with have found the service invaluable and we have quite happily given access to clients’ testimonials.

Yes we are a qualified and registered real estate agent – BUT we have chosen to work exclusively with buyers. We do not advise people wishing to sell their property. Our advice and efforts are focussed entirely on the buyer’s best interests.

We do represent clients at auctions. We require a signed proxy bid authority. The process at the auction can work 2 ways – either we have written instructions on the price which you are prepared to go to at auction or we can have you on the phone during the auction and let you participate as you would like to during the process.

We do not list and advertise properties. We have discreet sellers – these are owners that have approached us to say that if we had a specific buyer then they would consider selling. In this case we still work on behalf of the buyer 100% and the seller is aware of this. They may choose to engage a lawyer or agent to work on their behalf during the selling process.

We absolutely love it. We so totally put ourselves in the buyer’s shoes that it feels as exciting for them as it does for us when we pull a sale off.

So far our buyers have seen the service we offer as a “no brainer”. Not only has it saved the travelling expenses and opportunity cost but they have investigated properties that they probably wouldn’t have previously considered. Most would say that our negotiation skills have saved them the fee, and some.

We try to work with the buyer until we know as much about what they want to buy as we can – until we feel that we can put ourselves in their shoes and think through the pros and cons of a property with their hat on. We then give them specific property information in writing and proceed to take them to a live “video” viewing of a property if they wish to go to the next step.