About Buyer’s Agent

Looking to buy a property in Wanaka, Queenstown or the surrounding areas?

Let someone local work for you in Real Estate.

I know the area inside-out and will have your best interests at heart.

Trust me like you can a best friend on the ground in Wanaka. I will make sure you are aware of everything that is possible for you to buy – listed or not.

Who is a “Buyer’s Agent

A ‘buyer’s agent’ or ‘search agent’, as sometimes called, is a qualified and licensed real estate professional whose role is to act and work single-mindedly for a property buyer. The property buyer contracts and pays the buyer’s agent to search for and secure a property, on their behalf.

They are not real estate agents. Real estate agents act for, are legally contracted by, and paid by vendors (their clients), to sell and achieve the best price for the property – a fact which is commonly misunderstood. They cannot, in all reality, achieve the very best for both a vendor and buyer at the same time.

However, buyer’s agents are fully qualified and licensed in real estate and are bound by the Real Estate Agents’ Code of Conduct. The contract is with the buyer so they are the client.

Buyer’s agents are not very common in New Zealand, but are widely used in other parts of the world, for very good reason.

Why Use A Buyer’s Agent

Primarily, property buyers employ buyer’s agents to save time and expense, and to be completely confident they have secured the best property for their needs and desires.

Buyer’s agents have local knowledge, an understanding of the property market, relationships with all the key players, from real estate agents to valuers, lawyers, local government, surveyors, builders and other tradespeople, and they understand about living, working and holidaying in the region.

Buyer’s agents forge excellent relationships with real estate agents, across all the agencies in their area. It is their role to know the whole real estate market and be able to shortlist the best fit properties for their client. Unlike real estate agents, they don’t shortlist for a buyer from just one company.

They will also ‘door knock’ unlisted properties on your behalf, and will have access to real estate agents’ ‘silent listings’ or those not being marketed.

If you are an out of town property buyer, you can reduce time and expense as the buyer’s agent will view properties on your behalf to shortlist or eliminate, then arrange and line up viewings in a time and cost efficient way.

Buyer’s Agent NZ™

Buyer’s Agent NZ™ was established in 2015 to help busy property buyers find a suitable property in Central Otago and receive the benefits of a professional with local knowledge managing that process.

The service was established by Nicky Ramsden, quite simply to take the hard work out of identifying and buying property, and to make it personal and enjoyable. Observing buyers flying in and out of Wanaka and Queenstown from far afield to see properties, seeing them view a limited range of property, and having them seek her advice and views, triggered her desire to establish this service.

Buyer’s Agent NZ™ provides a comprehensive service, identifying, sourcing and securing the ideal property for the client, often from a selection beyond what is listed and promoted, and from the entire property market in the region, not just one agency. We will source properties within any budget, not just the top end.

We are a small, boutique company and relationships are paramount to us. Enjoy exceptionally dedicated service and complete commitment to success.