How to discover Wanaka Real Estate that is not on the market

With the Wanaka Real Estate market in a competitive phase, it can be a real game changer to discover an off market property. There are so few listings about at the moment. This combined with the imbalance of buyers pushes prices up. Having multiple bidders or offers on a property results in inflation of the price.

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Thoughts of a property search agent in Arrowtown

The most difficult part of making the decision to purchase in Arrowtown is finding a great property and securing it before anyone else can. Good properties are snapped up faster than seems possible, most you will never even be aware of as they are sold off market. Buyers agents will aim to get the earliest access to properties.

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Should a Wanaka property search become a compromise?

The reality of a Wanaka property search can be a frustrating time for those that have other priorities in their schedule. Being emotionally detached from the process can result in a completely different opinion of a property when taking into account the original objectives of a search. I’ve had a few buyers comment that they have ended up with a much better property than they’d dreamed possible after placing their Wanaka property search brief with us.

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Buying property in New Zealand

I specialize in New Zealand property acquisition and focus on Wanaka property with a colleague working on Arrowtown and Queenstown property search, analysis, purchase and relocation projects. As you can imagine the market is relatively dead at the moment. Marion and I are using this precious time to connect with our young families – really [...]

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Looking for that competitive advantage to buy property in Wanaka?

Many of my clients have been trying to buy property in Wanaka on their own for a period of time, prior to discovering my services. For one reason or another both local and out of towners that engage me, find exactly what they have been looking for within 2 months. There seem to be many [...]

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Do you pay a buyers agent?

Property buyers have a contract with a buyers agent and pay them to use the specialist skills that they have in property acquisition to assist with the entire process of purchasing real estate. The property buyer pays the buyers agent, the seller pays the selling agent, who is thus legally obliged to work in their [...]

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