Wanaka real estate prices – July 2022

My thoughts are that when the market goes again it will take off very quickly. The main implication is that as each month goes by it gets riskier to keep holding out for the absolute bottom of the cycle if you are a buyer. Don't try to pick it but start to focus on what you really want – that house in Wanaka that you’ve been procrastinating about buying for too long!!!! But not just any house - the RIGHT house. Be fast out of the blocks to grab it when it comes up over the next 6 months. 

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Why an agent for home buyers is a no brainer

Probing discussions this week with a corporate type individual had me reinforcing my belief in the dual agent system prevalent within the Australian real estate market. Here there is commonly an agent for home buyers separate to the vendors agent, unlike we traditionally have in NZ. Ever since I sold my first home in Wellington [...]

2021-10-22T15:44:45+13:0022 October 2021|

Why having a Buyers Agent on your side is a great idea

Just a minute… a Buyers Agent? What is a Buyers Agent? Are you sick of missing out on houses or just not able to find the ideal property? Or are you from Australia, where buyers’ agents are commonly used, and realise there is a professional out there that can work 100% for you, the buyer, [...]

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Escape the hustle & bustle: from the city to Wanaka

So many people have decided to sell up in the city, buy Wanaka property and move south in the past year. The recent lifestyle learnings have centered around working remotely. No longer is there an expectation that you have to be on site to perform to expectation. In fact quite to the contrary – [...]

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Four reasons a mortgage broker will refer you to a buyers agent

Time and attention to the market from a dedicated professional - a buyers agent working for you - results in special properties that my clients know would not have been possible with the support of the team at Buyers Agent NZ.  We trust our clients are in a safe pair of hands that have genuine desire to get it right, and keep it right.

2021-06-29T11:12:43+12:0029 June 2021|

How home buyers benefit from using a buyer’s agent

For all home buyers, buying real estate is a big deal. Acquiring property requires a substantial investment, and it’s probably one of the biggest purchases one will ever make in their lifetime. However, buying property is not always a straightforward process, and making the wrong choice can be extremely costly in the long run. It [...]

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Property Search Agent – Wanaka and Queenstown

Imagine finding a property that ticks more boxes than you even thought were possible. Having an overview across the entire market, both listed, advertised and not, with experience in what could be on offer, what works and what doesn’t allows options to be identified and more doors opened.

2021-06-01T08:11:21+12:0020 May 2021|

Wanaka property prices in our post Covid world

I spent lockdown thinking about a world where Wanaka property prices could be dropping. Although I did acknowledge that there was nowhere in the world that I'd rather be and thought that there would be expats wanting to get a slice of it. How wrong was I. For many Covid brought forward their plans to move south but for some the change of lifestyle came from a lockdown priority check. The net result has been a hike in prices to date in NZ including Wanaka.

2021-03-31T14:39:09+13:002 November 2020|
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