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    Buyer’s Agent NZ™ is an independent, boutique property buyers agency with proven results in Queenstown and Wanaka real estate. The first established and only dedicated buyer’s agent for Wanaka and Queenstown. Nicky founded Buyer’s Agent NZ™ to make the property-buying process smooth, simple, successful and enjoyable for you, the buyer.

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    Securing the ideal Wanaka or Queenstown property, beyond what is publicly available.


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    Why use a buyers agent? Are the real estate agents? Get the jump on the rest of the New Zealand market.


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    A buyer’s agent is a qualified professional who is contracted to work solely for people looking to buy real estate.

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    The advantages of
    using a buyers agent.

    We find properties for buyers – We don’t sell real estate.

    Having representation from a buyers agent has proven to be a total game changer for buyers. A licensed professional who lives and breathes Wanaka real estate and specialises in searching, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of Queenstown property will provide you with earlier and wider access to properties for sale than you will be able to achieve yourself.

    Someone trusted with your best interests at heart to act on your behalf will make sure that you get the inside knowledge. They are able to leverage their network to connect you with focused opportunities, (ideally) often ahead of others in the market. Their vast property market knowledge will put you at an instant and distinct advantage.

    The pick of the properties often do not even make it onto the open market or sell within hours of buyers becoming aware of them.

    We find properties for buyers – We don’t sell real estate.

    A buyer’s agent is a qualified professional who is contracted to work solely for people looking to buy real estate. Unlike a real estate agent who legally must act only in the interests of the vendor, Buyer’s Agent NZ™ acts exclusively for the buyer. There are endless advantages of using a buyer’s agent.

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    Nicky Ramsden

    Nicky has a deep and genuine obsession for achieving perfect results in every job she takes on and a serious love of real estate. She has an intuition and her passion for people really make all the difference when it comes to fully understanding what will tick the boxes for her buyers.


    +64 27 600 3664

    Marion Botherway

    As a local Marion has years of accumulated knowledge and relationships that all advantage the purchaser. Whether it is finding out about properties before they
    go to market or ensuring that you have rigorous due diligence with the premium


    +64 21 608 710

    Our committment to you

    • Forging genuine, honest and exceptional relationships with clients.
    • Providing a highly valued, expert service for clients.
    • Respected by, and working alongside, the other players in the process.
    • Complete discretion.

    Client Feedback

    It’s rare that my expectations are met, let alone exceeded. Nicky exceeded my expectations and more.

    Sarah Jane

    Client Feedback

    Her goal was always to find the right property for us, not just any property.


    Client Feedback

    We secured a great property that we would not have discovered without her.

    Chris and Kathy

    Client Feedback

    Nicky has a unique ability to look at properties through ‘your’ eyes.

    Mark and Liesl

    Client Feedback

    I would recommend Nicky Ramsden without hesitation, she sets very high standards and at every opportunity exceeded our expectations in terms of the service she provided. Nicky not only helped us during the buying process but has continued to offer assistance whenever we have needed it.

    Nicola and Stuart


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