Buyers Agent Service

Our buyers agent service is genuinely warm and friendly. We are astute listeners and adept at understanding your Queenstown or Wanaka real estate requirements. We pride ourselves on a scrupulous and transparent process and on our tenacity. As local buyers agents, we simply won’t stop until we have found the ideal answer to your brief.

You can be as involved in the Wanaka real estate search as you like. It is our job to receive and understand your property brief and work with you until we have achieved our goal. Our relationship with our client is paramount.

The Buyers Agent Process

The Brief

First, we would love to talk to you!

We want a real understanding of your story, circumstances and your desires for a property in Queenstown or Wanaka.

As buyers agents, we also need to understand logistical information such as how much travel you would like to undertake to view properties, how well you know Central Otago, what other assistance and information you require about properties or about living or holidaying in our region.

Again, depending on where you are, New Zealand, overseas or local, you may like to be taken on a tour of the Queenstown and Wanaka region to help establish your preferred locations, aspects, views, house styles, climate, community and more, before any properties are even suggested. This is purely to feed into the real estate brief and strategy.

The Strategy

After our discussions, and receipt of as much information as you are able to share, we will develop a personalized property strategy for you. Our buyers agent service strategy includes our understanding of your story as well as defining a step-by-step outline of the process, and mapping out the road to your property acquisition.

The strategy will include:

  • clear real estate objectives
  • all that you desire or do not in a property
  • your budget or financial position relevant to the property purchase
  • an analysis of the current property situation
  • the steps we will take to find your property
  • the level of your participation.

It is important you are happy with our buyers agent strategy. We will amend it until we have it right.

The Shortlist

Buyer’s Agent NZ™ then begins the search for your ideal property in Wanaka, Queenstown and surrounding areas.

Consulting with Queenstown real estate agents and Wanaka real estate agents and using our own knowledge of discreet listings, we will develop a short list of properties that fit your brief. This all forms part of an effective buyers agent service.

When you identify property(ies) you wish to pursue further, we will seek any further information, arrange viewings remotely using technology such as Skype or Facetime, or by video, and/or arrange for you to personally view them through an efficient and enjoyable visit.

The Acquisition

When we find that ideal property you want to secure, we will manage the acquisition or purchase process if you wish.

This can include due diligence, liaising with our recommended specialist building inspectors, valuers, lawyers, architects, builders, surveyors and more. We can also liaise with the Overseas Investment Commission if required.

Under direct instruction from you, we can handle negotiations on the real estate purchase. We can also act at auction for you by telephone link or signed contract.

Buyer’s Agent NZ™ then facilitates settlement, right through until an unconditional deal is reached.

Finally, you’ll have the key that unlocks the door to your property.


On agreement with the strategy, we seek a contractual agreement, including the buyers agent fees.

Fees comprise a three month base contractual finder’s fee and a percentage of the purchase price.