Our Story

If you choose to engage Buyer’s Agent to work for you, we will do our utmost to deeply understand your property desires, by listening to your story.

So here is ours. After all, an honest working relationship must be about mutual understanding and building understanding from a foundation of knowledge.

Nicky Ramsden is the founding director of Buyer’s Agent. She has lived in Wanaka with her husband since 2002, and they have a young son.

“I remember buying my first house. Just me. In Wellington. Years ago.

I was lucky enough to strike a real estate agent who seemed to get “me” and realise how that house would suit me. There was an awful lot of interest in the property, and thanks to the expert advice I sought I managed to secure it through a tender process.

I loved that house – renovated it, entertained extensively in it and relaxed. It was a lovely hub for my friends and me. I became very interested in real estate, and a valuer friend told me “you’d make a great real estate agent”.

Equally, when I came to selling the house I struck another amazing agent who made the process enjoyable and lucrative.

I then left my career as a physiotherapist and moved from Wellington to pursue an entirely new career in wine making, and ended up marrying and moving to Wanaka.

Living in Wanaka has further stimulated my interest in real estate. We live in an incomparably beautiful place with a warm, fun and positive community. There is a terrific range of people in Wanaka, with housing and properties to suit everyone. I have loved sharing my enthusiasm with visitors to Wanaka, and have enjoyed giving some pointers to people considering moving here.

Last year, we considered moving to another home closer to town. This experience even further fuelled my desire to work in real estate and the whole process around it, but interestingly, it also alerted me to a real gap in the process. Namely – the assurance that buyers looking to purchase in Wanaka were being presented with the whole picture. Are buyers being shown all that is available and suitable?

Wouldn’t it be great if they were confident of this and there was a dedicated, neutral service available to ensure this? So I developed the idea of becoming a buyer’s agent and working to support buyers and the wider real estate industry in Wanaka and beyond. Traditional agents simply aren’t able to do this as their fidicular responsibility is to their client, the vendor.

This business is exciting for me, and an entirely natural step. I can build on my interest, and also apply many of the incredible skills I perfected after some 20 years as a physiotherapist. Left-field I know, but every single physio session was about really understanding a person and their situation, and developing a strategy for their recovery that truly suited them and would get them to a great outcome.

Entrust me with your story, as much as you wish, and I will match a property to you.