An Arrowtown property search sometimes feels like being a 6 year old in a candy shop. Not only is there the allure of the properties, but the distractions of the locale are equally as enthralling.

Every property search is so unique. The most important aspect of my role is to totally understand my clients before I embark on any property hunt, otherwise I will just be constantly sending them through information about every property that broadly fits their search criteria.

When I visit property opportunities, I step out of my own shoes and into the clients, but I keep my own socks on, so that local knowledge ensures that the clients eyes are wide open to the realities of each specific property.

Arrowtown in particular has such a diverse range of property options with significant success defining features. It is important to understand the weight to put on certain features such as aspect, outlook and style.

The opportunities within this family friendly town include the ability to find homes on larger section sizes or lifestyle blocks. If being semi rural is important this is the spot for you. The advantages of being only 25 minutes from Queenstown, 15 from an international airport, 20 from a ski field and surrounded by world renowned golf courses with quality schools and pre schools, is unique by international standards. Add to the mix a plethora of world class eating establishments, within the setting of a charming historical village, surrounded by an outdoor mecca and it is no wonder that buying is for those on the front foot.

The mix of choices in the Arrowtown property mix range from resort style living within the world-renowned Millbrook resort, to rustic farm houses within rural land holdings where the good life can take hold, to a cosy cottage within the tree lined avenues only a stone’s throw to the sophistication of the village.

Arrowtown residents are predominantly kiwi. Professionals like architects and consultants base themselves here for the lifestyle and commute to their income source.

Locals are quick to make the distinction that they live specifically in this neck of the woods, as I learnt once when loosely introducing someone as coming from Queenstown – such is the significance of this location to the locals.

I really enjoy looking for clients in the Arrowtown locale – there are fewer compromises than in some of the other areas within the Queenstown basin. I have a fabulous working relationship with some great locals and this always makes the days fun and ultimately rewarding. Taking clients to the treasures fossicked out is always extremely exciting as more often than not the bounty exceeds expectations.