So many people have decided to sell up in the city, buy Wanaka property and move south in the past year. The recent lifestyle learnings have centered around working remotely. No longer is there an expectation that you have to be on site to perform to expectation. In fact quite to the contrary – work, life balance is now at the forefront of planning our way forward  as we re-evaluate our priorities. Location doesn’t matter – you may as well have the best-possible lifestyle.

There is a migration of families and business people heading south to build a healthier future for themselves.   The critical mass in Wanaka and Queenstown is now such that businesses that couldn’t survive 10 years ago can now thrive.

There is access to collaborative working spaces which are inspiring hubs. I am in a shared office space with one of the worlds leading covid genomic specialists, a NASA team member, an Antarctic ice research specialist, several tech entrepreneurs and others. There are a lot of interesting and stimulating people in this region.

Most of my clients report that the social aspect of settling into  a new town has been easy for the whole family – this is a part of the package that we offer. There are a vibrant mix of lifestyles, backgrounds and expertise in Wanaka.

The proximity of the destinations means that the lifestyle here is very efficient – less time stuck in traffic. Life is set at a more realistic pace. With work life balance in kilter, stress is reduced and the quality of thinking and work is far greater when there is time to enjoy life.

Wanaka is unique – the natural playground includes world class year round outdoor pursuits just down the road and around the corner, with an international airport just a short drive away.

It’s never been easier to do business in the most beautiful place in the world. We can facilitate your new lifestyle.

A buyers agent is not a real estate agent. A buyers agent is just that – an agent exclusively for the buyer,  working to ensure the right Wanaka property buy for you. This means less time scouring a market you might not be familiar with. But, most importantly it means securing and not missing out on exactly what you want in a home or land to build on.

Work and lifestyle coexist in Wanaka – access to the outdoor spaces is easy as is doing business while outside the office – you can do it – we can make it happen for you.