We asked and here is the response.

  1. The Buyers Agent works for you.  While any good real estate agent will work for fair value in both the vendor and the purchaser, their primary role is for the vendor.  When making one of the largest purchases in your lifetime, it’s great to have someone in your corner negotiating hard for you.  I have personally seen clients save tens of thousands in property transactions when engaging the services of Nicky from Buyers Agent NZ.


  1. We all know that the early bird gets the worm.  In a very hot property market, by the time you see a property advertised, it is often too late!  Having someone who keeps their finger on the pulse, specifically for the right property for you, can be the key to success.  I have witnessed private sales secured for special properties that clients know would not have been possible without the support of the team at Buyers Agent NZ.


  1. Ticking all the boxes.  I’d like to think I am good at securing the best finance deal for your property, but what the  property looks like, and feels like, has another wish list that I can’t help with. This takes time and attention in the market from a dedicated professional.  Knowing you have a professional person with their eye in checking those boxes off and keeping you from falling into the emotional rollercoaster that can accompany property transactions, could be a lifesaver!


  1. A level of service we all want.  It’s great to build lasting connections with others, and when you work intimately with a professional they should excel in the immediate need and continue to support you long after the initial transaction.  We refer to Nicky and Marion of Buyers Agent NZ because we trust our clients are in a safe pair of hands that have genuine desire to get it right, and keep it right.