Who do you call when the search starts getting you down – a property search agent. Marion and I get a real increase in enquiry when the going gets tough out there.

Over the past week I have had a surprising number of local Wanaka people calling to see if I can assist them as a property search agent. It’s incredible how when you get too close to a search that you can get bogged down and can’t see the wood for the trees. Having an objective discussion really makes such a difference. It is so rewarding being able to make a difference.

In a couple of cases, buyers were in fact looking for something that wasn’t actually what they should have been searching for at all. One local buyer went away from our catch up totally reinvigorated after arriving in a hell of a state.

It shouldn’t only be when it gets tough though, that a property search agent comes to mind. There are numerous reasons why getting in touch can have massive advantages when buying property. Today was a classic example, with two separate Wanaka buyers (friends) that came to see me together. They were only looking at listed opportunities.

Lost opportunity comes at a substantial cost, especially in a market such that we are in at the moment.

When you purchase it is important to know that you have had insight across the entire property market and know that you haven’t left any stone unturned, before setting your sights on the property that ticks most, if not all of your boxes. Imagine finding one that ticks more boxes than you even thought were possible. Having an overview across the entire market, both listed, advertised and not, with experience in what works and what doesn’t allows options to be identified and more doors opened.

As a property search agent there are tricks of the trade that I can implement to save you money on the journey.

I started this business to assist property buyers to have the same opportunities as the property savvy locals. Marion and I spend every day with our minds on that prize.

Each search I treat as if it was actually me, but in the buyers shoes, purchasing the property. The key is to be able to get to understand who the buyer is and how the property will fit into their life before even embarking on a search. Sometimes the issue of a lack of success comes about by having a couple searching who aren’t on the same page and by working closely with them we can find somewhere that suits them both.

When we get the result it feels like a trophy on the shelf, be it entry level or not, Marion and I know that we’ve nailed exactly what our clients have set their sights on – it’s that moment when being a property search agent is such a rewarding role.