The current real estate market is such that trying to find property in Wanaka can be a frustrating task.

Not many New Zealanders realize that there is a qualified and local professional who represents property buyers and not the seller, in the Wanaka, Arrowtown and Queenstown real estate market.

A great buyers’ agent can be your eyes and ears on the ground so that you hear about all opportunities the minute they materialize. In the current market many properties are selling within hours of coming on the market.

A property can be viewed by a professional that knows exactly what you are looking for and you can have an offer in before many are aware that the opportunity exists.

Trying to find property in Wanaka takes a lot of time. A buyers’ agent will filter through all properties and research them to ensure they fit your brief before you start spending time and money investigating the opportunity.

The buyers’ agent has a list of preferred providers on the ground able to provide the best professional advise during the due diligence period of qualifying a property.

A lost opportunity can in the current market cost a buyer $100’s of $1000’s of dollars. Utilizing the skills of an agent working on your behalf can also save you money when it comes to negotiating.

Finding and securing a property for you will require a dedicated role and a successful buyers agent will have the ability to see properties through your eyes and know the minute that they see a box ticker.

Many buyers in the current market are finding it stressful and frustrating coping with the daily distraction in their busy lives. A dedicated buyers’ agent, has your interests at heart, is experienced and has the knowledge, skills and perseverance to deliver a life changing result and find property in Wanaka for you that fits exactly what you have been searching for.