As a property search agent I hear about buyers missing out in the fast-paced property market in Wanaka, Arrowtown and Queenstown on a regular basis. There is such a cost to missing out on a property – not just the tangible expenses invested in the research process, but in a market like at the moment, the opportunity cost can be significant.

The concept of a buyer’s agent or property search agent is a relatively new concept in New Zealand, but it is a well-entrenched process in Australia, the United Kingdom and the USA. A buyers agent is a dedicated property search and acquisition specialist with an in-depth knowledge and expert instinct when it comes to hearing what you are wanting to purchase. They are real estate agents dedicated to securing a property for you.

A property search agent;

  • Can find a property that ticks all the boxes
  • Has a successful track record for getting the house that people want
  • Takes care of the entire process including the pre and post purchase to do lists
  • Has inside information so a buyer doesn’t keep missing out
  • Uses the best local contacts to get premium advice
  • Knows the market inside and out and will be searching on your behalf on a daily basis
  • Has years of local knowledge and is well connected into the local community
  • Understands property investment strategy

Buyers agents have access to on and off market listings and have their ear to the ground to catch those quiet or off market opportunities. There are many properties that are sold within hours of buyers finding out about them. There is a huge advantage for having someone on the ground ready to act quickly on your behalf.