It’s that time of the year when the number of Wanaka houses for sale start to increase. There are murmurs out there as potential sellers survey their options, listing agents start to appraise properties and the buyers begin to work out their financial position and start to get their eye in.

There are always off market listings on my radar and vendors canvassing my opinion before making their selling decisions.  

The marketed listings are in short supply at the moment, with the agents promising a flush due at the end of August. Often it takes a local buyer to find something before a chain of property transactions unfold.

I have 4 clients working on plans to build at the moment, after purchasing their dream sites. This is a really exciting component of my business, where I am on the ground in both Wanaka and Queenstown supervising these projects coming together and using my contacts to ensure that the teams involved are as good as what a well-researched local would use. It is really reassuring for my absentee clients knowing that they have an advocate here on the ground and able to be their eyes and ears on their project.

August is often a time of the year when there are some serious buyers in town. Empty nesters from both New Zealand and Australia are here skiing and are all too often keen to get a part of the Wanaka property market.

The more extensive properties are always harder to find buyers for, but more and more buyers are seeing that bigger isn’t necessarily better. Great properties with clever design and a desirable aspect are selling fast.