The Wanaka lakefront has had a 30 year concept plan drafted. The plan covers six areas in Roy’s Bay from Pembroke Park to the Wanaka Yacht Club.

The plan is the work of Auckland landscape architect, Garth Falconer, who has been contracted by the Queenstown Lakes District Council.

There is a particular emphasis on the area opposite the town centre adjacent to the lakefront. There are six options for this area, including various configurations of plazas, promonades, piers and gardens. Included are ideas to alter car parking, traffic management and green spaces in the Ardmore street town centre frontage which provides the link with the lakefront.

The idea of the concept plans is to enable the community to give feedback on the different options presented. Subsequently ideas from each of the options can be put together. None of the options show Ardmore street being closed to cars, although each has options to improve facilities for both pedestrians and cyclists. Two options show Ardmore street realigned to have more curves with an aim of discouraging through traffic.

Further north along the Wanaka lakefront there are areas for more boat parking between the boat ramp and the yacht club, an expanded marina, a cantilevered deck walkway opposite the marina and a boardwalk to town.

A suggestion for the area of Wanaka lakefront opposite Pembroke Park is to shift car parks away from the lake edge. The plan for that area shows lakefront gardens. new toilets, a viewing deck and sculptures.

The Wanaka lakefront concept plans do not include costings or phasing options. This will be addressed once feedback has been gained and a final development plan has been produced. This will then be presented to the Community Board then to Council at which stage the pplan could then be part of the annual plan process so that work can be prioritised and budgeted for.