Just a minute… a Buyers Agent? What is a Buyers Agent?

Are you sick of missing out on houses or just not able to find the ideal property? Or are you from Australia, where buyers’ agents are commonly used, and realise there is a professional out there that can work 100% for you, the buyer, with your best interests at heart.

With years of experience in real estate and an expert instinct, a buyer’s agent uses their vast market knowledge to put you at a distinct advantage. A buyer’s agent is a professional real estate agent acting 100% on the buyer’s behalf to find the best property at the right price.

A property buyer’s agent can be called a buyer’s advocate, property finder or search agent, but I liken it to having your best friend or sister living in Wanaka and working for some time every day on your project. As your advocate I can scour the entire property market within the region to identify properties both on and off market that fit your brief, complete the due diligence required on your behalf and work to secure the property in an auction, tender or negotiation process. Beyond that I work to ensure that the settlement and relocation phase works like clockwork even in your absence.

I can take care of the entire process, utilising my contacts to ensure that you have a competitive advantage.

Knowing the market and having years of local knowledge will ensure that you have the inside running.

I will be aware of quiet listings and properties that will not necessarily be publicly advertised. I will be aware of properties (pre-market and off-market) and researching them long before the other buyers are aware of the opportunity. Local relationships and knowledge mean that buyer’s agents can often access new listings, sometimes prior to them hitting the market.  Real estate is all about who you know, and a well-connected buyer’s agent can help you snap up properties before they even hit the market.

A buyer’s agent works solely for the buyer and never for the seller. They earn their fee from the buyer and do not take any commission from the seller. It is likely the fee will be saved by the skills they bring to the table in negotiating and saving you the expense of unnecessary visits, not to mention the cost of lost opportunity.

When you employ an expert in the aspects of understanding your needs, finding properties, evaluating, negotiating and purchasing a property the stress and hassle is taken out of the process.

I work with your best interests at heart and bring to the table properties that you may not otherwise be aware of. My experience has helped buyers achieve their needs with a different set of features in their property than what was originally anticipated – homes that are way more than just box tickers.

Buyer’s agents will disclose information to the buyer that materially affects a buyer’s best interests. The listing agent cannot make such disclosures and must remain loyal to the seller. The key difference between a buyer’s agent and a selling agent is that a buyer’s agent works exclusively for you and the traditional real estate agent works and is paid by the seller. Their remuneration is paid by the seller based on results.

What many people don’t realise is that real estate agents must legally place the vendor’s best interests at heart – not the buyer’s. They do indeed look after buyers, but only with the objective of getting the best price for a vendor.

I have a network of professionals that I engage to provide the meticulous and timely due diligence required in a property transaction.

Being on the ground in Wanaka and Queenstown means that any issues identified in the due diligence phase can be resolved professionally and quickly. A full understanding and evaluation of the findings can lead you in the best way to proceed.

In the current trades and building environment (essentially very stretched), I am able to use my contacts to advise on, quote for and complete any repairs or modifications needed.

Negotiating can be a heated process. It can be extremely helpful to have the buffer of an experienced professional offering productive solutions.

First-hand testimonials will give you an unfiltered insight into whether I can truly deliver. Most of my clients are now way more than clients.

Just like any profession, experience counts for so much.  Buy with confidence and know that you have an experienced local expert at your side.