People have been asking me why I have made the decision to become a buyers agent rather than the more traditional vendors agent that is the norm in the real estate industry.

As a buyers agent I am able to rebalance that equation. The vendor is represented by their agent and the purchaser by me. As a local I have years of accumulated knowledge and relationships that all advantage the purchaser. Whether it is finding out about properties before they go to market or finding the best trades people this local knowledge can be invaluable making a great purchasing choice.

Working with property and people is a very enjoyable way to spend your time. However I felt dissatisfied with the limitations on how I was able to serve the needs of purchasers in a transaction while still fulfilling my moral obligations and legal requirements to the vendor. The upshot of this is that the buyer is always at a disadvantage in a property transaction. This did not sit comfortably with me.

My relationship with my purchasers is one based on trust and a shared desire for the best outcome for them. It is a long term relationship, continuing long after the Sale and Purchase Agreement is signed. I am there to make sure that they are happily settled into their new property, and that they have all the best contacts in town at their finger tips.

Finding the right property is never easy, and can often take time. Fortunately it is a process that I love and the feeling of satisfaction when we do find that property is unmatched. This is why I thoroughly enjoy being a buyers agent. Happy agents, happy vendor and most importantly a very happy purchaser!