Navigating your way through the Arrowtown property market can be significantly more fruitful with a buyers agent on your side. Someone who is out and about, more than most and has her finger well and truly on the pulse of the place. I’ve even heard our Queenstown basin buyers agent Marion Botherway referred to affectionately as the mayor of Arrowtown!!!!

Buying property is inevitably a first in, best dressed scenario. The best scenario for a buyer is to be to the first to have the opportunity to purchase a property that is not currently being marketed.

Many properties that are sold by the real estate firms are sold prior to being formally advertised in the traditional media. We spend considerable time regularly meeting with the agents to ensure that they are aware of what we are searching for.

As buyers agents we have more and more Arrowtown sellers approaching us about their properties which they are considering selling.

If we have very specific instructions for a property and feel confident that we really understand what a client is looking for then we would door knock properties. Even if this approach doesn’t work immediately a seed has been sown and we often hear back from the owners. In many cases there is a specific history that suggests that this approach may be warranted.

In the current market the pick of Arrowtown property goes within days if not hours of popping onto the right persons radar. As buyers agents we prefer not to be operating in a multi offer situation. When competing against other buyers the outcome can come down to how much one party is prepared to pay. Not ideal when paying market value is the aim of the exercise.

A focused professional with their ear to the ground, with the buyers interests foremost at heart seems to be what it takes to uncover the perfect property. Intuition and a passion for people really make all the difference when it comes to fully understanding what will tick the boxes for each buyer.

Knowing the local consultants and tradespeople to get advice from makes all the difference in getting due diligence completed in a timely fashion. Who do the switched-on locals use?

Being a local resident often means that there are bush telegraph benefits – this is invaluable when evaluating opportunities and sniffing them out.

Having local representation from a buyers agent in the Wanaka and Queenstown property market can be a real game changer. A licensed professional who lives and breathes real estate and specialises in searching, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of property on behalf of the buyer will provide you with earlier and wider access to properties for sale than you will be able to achieve yourself. Someone trusted with your best interests at heart to act on your behalf and be where you can’t be will make sure that you get the inside knowledge and be able to leverage their network to connect you with focused opportunities, often ahead of others in the market. Their vast Queenstown and Wanaka property market knowledge will put you at an instant and distinct advantage.

Being swift and decisive in these markets can not only be the difference between being in another multi offer scenario, which can cost you dearly, but it can make the difference between having access to all of the potential properties for sale and not. Many great properties do not even make it onto the open market currently.

A respected buyers agent has strong community relationships. They understand the local community and their network gives them inside information. With the local agents, solicitors, building inspectors, valuers, mortgage advisors, tradespeople, property managers, surveyors at their fingertips you’re getting the knowhow that the locals chose.

A real estate professional has access to numerous tools and data to support the decision-making process.
Having someone who implicitly understand the process, including the tricks of the trade, who can explain the offer strategy and comes with strong negotiation skills, support them during the auction and negotiation process, is invaluable. They know what to look for and what to ask – they’ve seen it all before. They add a constructive, dispassionate layer to the buying process, helping filter emotion and getting down to brass tacks. Even if you think you know what you’re doing… they’re doing it every day.

The Buyers Agent NZ team will work their hardest across the entire Queenstown and Arrowtown property market to make sure you don’t miss that opportunity you’ve had your heart set on and will probably save you thousands of dollars in the process, savings which likely will far exceed their Buyers Agent fee. Have the best providers on your side, enabling you to buy with full confidence and clarity.