For all home buyers, buying real estate is a big deal. Acquiring property requires a substantial investment, and it’s probably one of the biggest purchases one will ever make in their lifetime.

However, buying property is not always a straightforward process, and making the wrong choice can be extremely costly in the long run. It requires extensive research, a general knowledge of market fundamentals, attention to detail and a lot of effort.

Therefore, it pays to have a buyer’s agent onboard, whether you’re looking to buy a home in Wanaka, Queenstown or the surrounding areas.

Here are four ways that a home buyer can benefit from using a buyer’s agent:

1. You save time and energy.

Finding the ideal property that ticks all the right boxes is a time-consuming undertaking. Aside from needing to go through listing upon listing, you also have to enquire about each property you are interested in. You have phone calls to make and viewings to attend – and you may not have the luxury of time to invest in searching for the property you want.

With a buyer’s agent, you have someone you trust to sift through the many choices and target a few prospective properties for you which they will provide feedback on relative to your brief.

2. You’ll have access to untapped avenues of the market.

A buyer’s agent is knowledgeable about and have contacts in the local property market, such as in Wanaka or Queenstown, and in the wider New Zealand real estate industry. Aside from this, their network extends to contacts offering off-market and pre market deals.

This means you’ll have unprecedented access to what could possibly be your dream property – with you having the luxury of the first pick.

3. You have a professional negotiator working on your behalf.

When you become emotionally attached to a property, you may feel that you should have it at all costs – which can happen to your detriment if it turns out to be a bad investment.

With a buyer’s agent on your side, you’ll have someone you can depend on to objectively assess the merits of and potential issues in a property you are considering. They have the requisite skills, knowledge, and experience to negotiate on your behalf and ensure you get a fair deal.

4. You have an expert who can direct you to the right properties.

After discussing your budget and property requirements, a buyer’s agent will work on identifying the best possible property for you. You also have the assurance it will be aligned with your objectives and investment strategy.

Moreover, your agent can help keep you stay on track and remind you of your goals so you don’t get seduced by deals that may offer good value but don’t really match your needs.