Buying property in Wanaka and Queenstown is sometimes a first in, best dressed scenario. The best scenario for a buyer is to be to the first to have the opportunity to purchase a property that is not currently being marketed.

As buyers agents we have more and more sellers approaching us about their properties which they are considering selling. The benefits to them are numerous and there are many different reasons for the vendors approaching us. Some prefer to have a discreet sale where they are not subject to anyone knowing their business and especially all of the marketing expense and pressure that is often associated with selling a home. For one reason or another some prefer not to work with a vendors agent.

Buyers that have been looking for a considerable time and have had a history of missing out on properties really value this opportunity. The sellers realise that a buyers agent is not working with them and are advised to seek professional advice from their lawyer. As a buyers agent we are legally obliged to provide a duty of care to all parties involved in a transaction. In reality many of the transactions involve both parties working amicably towards meeting each other’s goals.

If we have very specific instructions for a property and feel confident that we really understand what a client is looking for then we would door knock a property. Even if this approach doesn’t work immediately a seed has been sown and we often hear back from the owners. In many cases there is a specific history that suggests that this approach may be warranted.

Mail drops are used occasionally if an area of the town is required. This can be very effective if specific properties are targeted in a very professional manner.

Many properties that are sold by the real estate firms are sold prior to being formally advertised in the traditional media. We spend considerable time regularly meeting with the agents to ensure that they are aware of what we are searching for.

Being first and fast out of the starting blocks is crucial in being successful in the Wanaka and Queenstown property market, currently. The pick of the properties go within days if not hours of popping onto the right persons radar.