Many of my clients have been trying to buy property in Wanaka on their own for a period of time, prior to discovering my services. For one reason or another both local and out of towners that engage me, find exactly what they have been looking for within 2 months.

There seem to be many reasons for this, but a focused professional with their ear to the ground, with the buyers interests foremost at heart seems to be what it takes. Intuition and a passion for people really make all the difference when it comes to fully understanding what will tick the boxes for my buyers. The key is to spend as much time up front getting to fully know my clients, their family, how they live and what their intentions are for the Wanaka property. There is no scatter gun approach, rather a well-considered and informed scouring of all available options.

The great opportunities come and go in the blink of an eye and you really need to be “Johnny on the spot” to be in the know.

I have more and more Wanaka property owners ringing me prior to listing, to say that they are considering selling. Do I have anyone searching to buy a property in Wanaka like theirs, at the moment?

Knowing the local consultants and tradespeople to get advice from makes all the difference in getting due diligence completed in a timely fashion. Who do the switched-on locals use?

Being a local resident often means that there are bush telegraph benefits – this is invaluable when evaluating opportunities and sniffing them out.

Just the other day some clients who had been looking for some years jumped on a plane after discussions about three options that had popped up and by the end of the day had 2 properties firmly in their sites and under offer – both of which were infinitely better than anything they’d considered previously.

Another local couple had struggled to get on the same page as each other and having a third person to hear the whole story, bringing clarity to the options and knowing how to pounce, has been the difference, after months of frustration.

I buy property in Wanaka every week on behalf of locals, New Zealanders and foreign buyers – this is a tried and tested option to make the process truly successful for the Wanaka property buyer.