The reality of a Wanaka property search was brought home to me recently when I met a discerning couple who have been searching for a few months now.

In reality, I think that there are less than a couple of handfuls of properties that should fall onto the serious consideration list, if you are being true to yourselves when looking.

Marion and I are often giving a reality check to the process, pointing out to the buyers where a property is a compromise from their original wish list. Being emotionally detached from the process can result in a completely different opinion of a property when taking into account the original objectives of a search. I’ve had a few buyers comment that they have ended up with a much better property than they’d dreamed possible after placing their Wanaka property search brief with us.

Settling for a compromise should never be an option. Trying to turn a property into something it is not, unless well considered, can end up being a mistake.

It isn’t uncommon to have a near miss along the way in the purchase process. Until the next opportunity is secured this can be a time of regrets, quickly forgotten once the ultimate property is secured, and the benefit of hindsight is apparent.  Things seem to have a habit of working themselves out for a reason.

As a buyer my best advice is to make sure there is consideration given as to the priorities that will be important in the property, with everyone getting on the same page. Usually these factors relate to aspect, scale, floor plan, location and style. Of course price point does come into it too!!!!!

Most properties have redeeming features, and it is the role of the salesperson to highlight these attributes and start the emotional attachment process. Personally, I find it most useful to focus my attention on the exact opposite and spot the pitfalls of a property from the outset.

One thing that has come out of the past few unique months is the value that individuals have placed on their home environment. For example, sales volumes related to home improvements, appliances and planned renovations are considerably up on where they would have normally been.

Working remotely has also impacted on the importance of a house. The functionality of a property makes a real difference to its appeal. When viewing properties the floor plan of a dwelling has a massive impact on its popularity and thus value.

We have honed our skills and know what works and what doesn’t in a property. Lifestyle is so valuable and living in the right spot is key to this.

The search for this spot should and can be enjoyable – make it just that.