In Wanaka and Queenstown being a buyers agent more often than not means working on behalf of property buyers who are not resident within the region. The concept, which is not common practice in New Zealand, came to fruition for me after I saw how out of town buyers were struggling to be on a level playing field with local buyers, when we were selling our own property.

Many buyers that come to me have been unsuccessful navigating through the process themselves and are pretty frustrated, having already invested money and are acutely aware of the cost of lost opportunity.

My role means that I need to be able to 100% step into the buyers shoes – this means spending a significant amount of time getting to know the buyers, their lifestyle and how they intend to use the property. I treat the buyers like extended family – most buyers end up being ongoing friends.

Being first out of the starting gates on a property transaction is crucial. Having an ear to the ground and being part of the community is vital.

Many buyers do not realise that the vendors needs are being represented as a first priority by the listing agent. This is a legal obligation, as it should be – as a seller you need the agent being paid by you, to get the best possible deal and price that can possibly be achieved for you. I work on behalf of the of buyers ensuring that their interests are being represented fully in a property transaction.

Complete transparency is required with all aspects of a property. It is important that the negative aspects of a property are at the forefront of any consideration. If the buyer doesn’t know them before purchase they soon will when they own a property. A significant portion of my clients are from onward referral.

Preferred providers are key to getting the best advice – why not use the tradespeople and advisors that the locals use. Service completed diligently and in a timely fashion, to the highest standards, is what you expect in your home patch.

Fully understanding the implications of the method of sale, means not missing out on a property.

Living in a small town has advantages – being in the know definitely plays its part when in the property market.

Once a client always a client – there’s always lateral thinking and drive by benefit when it comes to what I can offer long term.

To me being a buyers agent means preventing buyers regret and making the most out of your purchase opportunity.